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Several Eternal and Superior Rolex Submariner Watches

Rolex is outstanding when talking about the quality of the movement and the durability. Rolex watches are expensive, luxuriant, noble and ancient. And the Rolex submariner watches are the best choice for diving lovers. The submariner watches are the best companions on the ground and under the water. So, I am glad to introduce the details of several Rolex submariner watches.

This is the model of the Rolex submariner watches. The one-way outer race can access time safely. The pointer makes use of the Traser technology. The workmanship is fine. The movement is accurate and can provide enduring power. It is the most popular material. The bright blue is shining. The most attractive characteristic for the diving lovers is that the depth of the waterproof can reach 1000 feet. The performance of the watch will not be influenced under the water.

This style was designed in 1967 especially for the U. S. navy. The strap utilizes the Navy blue canvas. The most significant characteristic is not the beautiful appearance, but the reliable durability. The style of the color is military. The canva has strong flexibility. They can face many bad situations like rain, wear and delimit sting. The feel is great when you wear it. You can choose this one. This unique design can make you have good feelings even if you wear diving suits.

The special point of this watch is the color. Green is used rarely on watches. The outer case of the watch is green. The exquisite craftsmanship and superior design win warm praise from customers especially the diving lovers. The whole material is stainless steel. The table mirror is blue crystal and the table circle is black. Moreover, this watch is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. The depth of waterproof can reach 1000 feet.

All these Rolex submariner watches are popular. They are the symbol of excellent waterproof properties.

How to Choose a Good Hand Watch

There are so many fabulous body accessories now in the market. They are produced either out of people’s actual requirements or for the purpose of embellishment. Anyway, most of them have been essential for us. For instance, the hand watches. At present, watches are daily necessities for both men and women. People need them to check the time; on the other hand, the watch also play a very active role in stating one’s image. Now that hand watches are so significant for all of us, we should be more careful when choosing good watches for ourselves.


What will the watch be applied for?

Take your real purpose of wearing a watch into first consideration. Keep a clear mind while choosing a proper watch for you. If it is just for daily use, a model which can go well with all sorts of your attires would be your best choice. However, if it is needed for pairing with your suits, a steel or leather strapped hand watch can greatly satisfy you. Of course, if you are a sports man or owning an occupation closely related to sports, sports watches with advanced features and reliable quality are you favor.


What style you should select?

As I have mentioned above, hand watches are good statements of your unique style. Thus, you ought to select the watch designed in a style well fitting to you. Now the market is flooded with all patterns of watches like the classic metal strapped models and the chic casual ones. In fact, you can alternatively choose two, one of which is worn in your office while the other can be shown in some relaxed occasions.


How much you pay for your watch?

As we all know, a good watch can be a heavy investment that you may not able to afford. Anyway, if you can, try to purchase one prestigious brand which offers you a long-lasting stylish item.

How to Find the Perfect Watches

Watches have been around for quite some time and are still popular today. Your search for finding the most perfect watches may be quite complex if you don’t know what to look for or where to start looking. Some details that will help you find what you’re looking for include the brand, gender, price range and series.


If you have an idea of what you’re looking for, you can start your search by starting with the brand of watches that appeal to you the most. When it comes to a certain brand of watches, you may be looking for a certain style for a special occasion. Searching for watches by brand is quite a broad area and you may not want to start here if you’re not quite sure what direction you want to head in yet. On the upside of things, if you are already aware of what you’re in the market for, searching by brand may help you better than any other method of searching.


Watches are a part of fashion that speaks out loud for all the public to see. It is definitely an accessory that many people never leave the house without. When searching for watches by gender, it’s still a broad search method, but you will still be able to find what you’re looking for. Men’s watches obtain a very different style from women’s. The band on a woman’s watch tends to be smaller and thinner, whereas a watch for a man will be rather heavy and have a rather thick band.

Price Range

For some people, the price range is the most important detail of a watch. If you’re on a budget, you will want to use this method first to find watches that are in your price range. With this situation, you should consider the least amount you are willing to spend and the maximum amount that you are able to spend. Answering these two questions will narrow your search down to a minimum.


Searching by series can also narrow down your search and get your ideal products quicker. If you are aware of what kind of series that you are fond of, it is more likely that you will be able to find more watches of the style in a certain series that may also spark your interest. Many people who collect watches often use this method of searching.

Hublot’s Well-known MP-02 Series Watch

Hublot has shown some classic watches in 2011 Basel Fair, and there is a series of watch MP-02 is regarded as one of the well-known watches that named as “key of time”. In 2010, Hublot made a group of watches’ experts together to research and develop customized watches. The series watches are in accordance with the latest researches’ achievements in mechanical engineering fields. And they are complex watches with delicate clock mechanism. The well-known series watches presented the first watch MP-01 watch that is a titanium cask-shaped watch. It is reported that there are only one hundred limited watches in the world.

With birth of figures civilization, enriched materials have been replaced by fast information to a certain degree. And amount of information has been filled with your life that makes you in a quite disorder state. So, most of you have been fallen into disappointment. In fact, the key is time. Time, an abstract conception, always is defined as one luxurious thing. If there is a piece of watch that can help you master your own time with your own willing through mechanism equipment.

In order to celebrate 2011 Basel Fair, Hublot released the second watch in this series. It is MP-02 watch. Significantly, it will adjust your hours and seconds time in accordance with heads of watch in three different places. The first one is that if you would like to enjoy your every second time, you can make slow speed of watch. Time will be divided into four quarters so that an hour shown on MP-02 is a quarter time. The second is that if you would like to see real time, you can choose normal speed of pointer so that it will give you normal time in daily life. Finally, if you would like to have a fast time, you can adjust speed of pointer and time will be four times as usual. And a quarter shown on MP-02 will be an hour. This setting is rather interesting. So, the watch can make your happy time lengthen four times and shorten hard time in quarter. Certainly, you have a right to make you back to normal time. The three display windows are arranged in star shape and display current time so as to avoid any confusion. But what kind of equipment make watch achieve this function? It is mechanism memory equipment in clock mechanism.

Besides, MP-02 watch have flywheel frame in longitudinal operation. At the same time, there is second indicator on edge. In a word, this innovative watch MPP-02 is very miraculous.


You Will Love It And Choose It

Several centuries ago, incalculable riskers have yet been dreaming of traveling around the world by fire balloon. Failure is not an option. BREITLING has twice supported a Swiss phycologist and a British to challenge to take a round-the-world tour. Eventually they arrived at the terminal point—Egypt and fulfilled human’s great dream. It also belonged to Breitling watches.
In 1884, Leon Breitling founded Breitling corporation. At first, the corporation mainly produced calculagraph such as pocket watch. Since 1914, it started to produce. Watches with chronograph. Its watch has been the head of multipurpose watches for a series of special designs. The experiences of producing watches for airline business give Breitling watches prominent features such as novelty, original and serviceable. It has been always paying close attention to the functional guiding of watches so as to endow Breitling watches the response to adapt to the needs in special fields such as aviation, navigation, voyage and dive. Therefore, Breitling watches gradually become a perfect combination of functional, practical and multielement. It is not only a kind of calculagraph but also an accurate instrument called ” calculating machine in aerocraft “.
By long-term develop in every aspects, Breitling created four series. Every series has its own suitable object. They are the first choice for professionals.
Besides. Breitling watches are also famous to women especially B-CLASS. This series have rather anti-traditional outside, advanced technique and exquisite design. Ingenous surface, needle and harmonious ensemble effect have reflected the attention in every details.
Famous jet plane manufacturers such as the Boeing Company, McDonnell Douglas Aerospace and Lockheed Company are still use its products as standard equipments. In 1952, Navitime timekeeping wristwatch entered into aeroplane’s control cabin, which winned BREITLING the first and unique international choice.
You will love it and make your choice to get one. It is special for you.

The Greatest Masterpieces Of Vacheron Constantin

The classical ad saying of Vacheron Constantin is that you can own time easily, but you can’t own Vacheron Constantin watches easily. Vacheron Constantin has a history of 200 hundreds of years and experience of making watches for two centuries. Hence, Vacheron Constantin has many masterpieces.
The most expensive watch in the world: Kallista
Kallista is one of the greatest masterpieces of Vacheron Constantin and it is the most expensive watch in the world. Kallista was produced in 1886 and it was originally ordered by Kingalid who was the king of Saudi Arabia. When the watch was being producing, the king died, and then, in 1986, the watch was bought by an anonymous person with the price of 3.5 millions dollars. In 1987, it changed hands again and was bought by Piene Halini who was the master of PALM BEACH Jewelers with the price of 5 millions dollars, hence, the story of that Kallista promoted its value everyday by 4000 dollars become an interesting story and spread like wildfire. Later, Piene bought Kallist-one of the most luxury watches to USA and handed over it to the buyer who was unwilling to release his name.
Kallista is covered by 118 blue white diamonds which weight 130 carat totally. In order to create the watch, Vacheron Constantin manufacturer called all the most excellent technicians together. The watch was finished after 20 months of development. Kallista means perfect in Greek. Actually, Kallista is prefect. 
Precious and luxury watches: Les Historiques
Les Historiques are popular for their style and modern elements which are elegant and nobility. Each of the watch of Les Historiques has unique style and high price.
Dignified and elegant watches: Les Joailleries
Fiorenza is one of the most remarkable and wonderful watches of Les Joailleries serious. 200 round delicate diamonds was sat in the watch to make the watch gorgeous.

Superb & Complicated Wrist Watch – H. Moser & Cie. Perpetual 1

Moser Perpetual 1 issued by H. Moser & Cie. would be outstanding among diverse sorts of perpetual calendar watches in the market, which breaks through innovation in technology and the extremely exquisite looks of it have been winning popularity among watch fans. Furthermore, Moser Perpetual 1 acquired the Best Wrist Watch with complicated performance in 2006 Geneva Good Design Award.
Function of perpetual calendar, one of the three complicated performances, can be called a specific exposure of human in exploring operation of universe and time. Thus accurate moving of each watch can test how the watch-makers to transmit complicated calculation into wheel gear for displaying time, which can be real power of watch-makers.

Moser Perpetual 1 has no miscellaneous and diverse time information on watch dial, which is different with other watches. The simple style has been developed into extreme. Moser Perpetual 1 seems to be a pure calendar watch, however it contains secrets. Besides central time display, energy storage at position of 9 o’clock and date window at 3 o’clock, there is a small coaxial pointer in the centre to display month. This watch cancels function of week display, while the information of leap month essential for perpetual watch is exposed at back of watch case.

Shift of date has been the biggest problem existed in perpetual calendar watches. H. Moser & Cie designs a set of revolutionary patent system & Flash Calendar. No matter small or big month, or leap year, date display of Moser Perpetual 1 can finish date shift within one flush at midnight. To keep balanced aesthetic of watch dial, H. Moser & Cie displays all date displays placed in the middle way.
H. Moser & Cie makes a unique Double Pull Crown adjustment system which can solve mistake adjustment problem occurred frequently in other watches. And this Double Pull Crown system changes order of adjustment and operation method. When we pull out watch head by a section, we can adjust date. And when we pull out watch head by another section after stagnation, we can adjust time. Thus we can solver the problem of adjusting time mistakenly.

Introduction Of Zenith Love Watch

Zenith watch is famous for the previous material and elegant design. Love would be its permanent ideal. Zenith watch may become your unforgettable guidance for touching love story to carve in your heart. This article would introduce large beautiful design from Zenith love watch to you.
Permanent mechanical beauty on watch design
Zenith Elite 68 applies the automatic winding movement. The thickness of movement is only 3.81mm to store the kinetic energy for at least 50 hours. The unique mechanical design would illustrate the fashionable charm for girls. Large heart-shaped diamond glass of Zenith would present the wonderful charm with the frequency of 28800 times per hour. The rare metal pointer may illustrate the wheat-shaped painting. The star-style logo with Zenith numerical carves also transfers the handmade elegance and luxury. It would demonstrate the superb crafts of watch manufacturing.
Zenith watch as symbol of love
On the wrist, the permanent beauty could be with romance and sweetness from Zenith mechanical watch. The love series would be always the charming item for female users. The soft and elegant Roman timing carves would be soundly assorted with heart-shaped dial. The hollow case and automatic winding tools would illustrate the high-shaking frequency on the basis of 36000 rounds per hour or 28800 rounds per hour. The red-color heart-shaped second pointer is also impressed. Zenith watch focuses on elegant style building.
On the back part of watch case, the black pearl gem embedding with white painting would be perfect medium to stand for love the tone of love. It applies leather watch strap from crocodile or Alzavel cowhide leather to combine the modern simplicity and classical ideal together. It is natural for Zenith to become the gorgeous gift for love and romantic emotion.
Indeed, Zenith watch would be your wise choice for extreme elegance and luxury on the wrist.

How to Maintain Your Gold Plated Watch?

Generally, the plated gold layer around watch is 14K gold. This kind of gold contains not only 58.5% of gold, but also some silver. Silver and waste gas in air can react into silver sulfide, and silver sulfide  is black. With the passages of time, the material accumulated on the surface of watch, which makes it looks dark. So you should avoid to meet chemical material and waste gas like coal gas, liquefied gas and sulphur soap when wearing such a watch.

Remember keep the watch dry and clean, you’d better clean it with cottoon flannel  once a week. In addition, chloride in sweat can corrode the watch badly, wiping it in time when it get sweat, so that the watch will not lose its intrinsical luster.
The yellow layer plated of brass-plated watch is made from copper, zinc and aluminium alloy, if you do not take good care of it, it will fade and lose gloss easily. So before wearing a brass-plated watch, you should cleanse the watch case, and paint some nail polish evenly, this can keep the colour of the watch after drying and no abrasion, at the same time increase luminance brightness for the watch and prevent water vapour and sweat get into inside of it.

Golden watch is not very effeminacy, but if you do not protect it with care, it will lose it original glamour after all. Below are some tips that may useful.

1.Remove the golden material before you do cleaning.

2.Do not pull it violently in case of deformation.

3.Wraping it with a piece of soft colth before putting it into box.

4.Clean it with the mixture of salt and vinegar.

5.Avoid to contact it with perfume directly.

6.Do not scrape the surface of it with an knife to get off the dirt.

I like collect the watch

I have a hobby. It’s ordinary but fulfilling. I have a collection of personal watches. Each time I add a new member to the family, I get a special feeling, a feeling of satisfaction. I collect valuable watches. They are not only told valuable by their prices but also by the amount and year it was made. Gold watches, diamond watches, silver watches, I collect many of them..My favorite collection of all are my Omega Constellation watches.

Omega constellation watches are most seen on the hands of the most successful women. The Omega constellation sets up a competition between itself and Rolex. Omega Constellation steel and yellow gold designs with two tones are among the top of the line in Omega Constellation watches. Rolex is my second choice in my personal collection. I would always choice one to wear in special occasions. Dining outside in comfortable restaurents with one of my Rolex feels just right. Many men would pick a solid gold Rolex with diamonds, but I rather choose one simple.

A watch that shows it values throught the feeling and the design that aren’t show throw the value of gold and diamond, but of course, I love gold and diamonds.Patek Phillippe ranks first of all luxury watches. Owning one is dream of most men. Also a dream of mine. Patek phillippes ranks from its design and it’s price. The average price is 13000 dollars. The noble art realm and it’s expensive materials shape it’s price. Patek phillippe watches are not sold in markets. It take an average of eight years to make one. Even if you are a millionare, you would have to order it.Watches are important to many people.

It is like a symbol of your place in the society, especially China. Watches show value, it shows your taste in life. Collecting watches is a hobby of mine since I was young. It somehow brings out the memory I had pucharsing each one of them. Holding the time of my greatest memories and happy momments.