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Several Eternal and Superior Rolex Submariner Watches

Rolex is outstanding when talking about the quality of the movement and the durability. Rolex watches are expensive, luxuriant, noble and ancient. And the Rolex submariner watches are the best choice for diving lovers. The submariner watches are the best companions on the ground and under the water. So, I am glad to introduce the details of several Rolex submariner watches.

This is the model of the Rolex submariner watches. The one-way outer race can access time safely. The pointer makes use of the Traser technology. The workmanship is fine. The movement is accurate and can provide enduring power. It is the most popular material. The bright blue is shining. The most attractive characteristic for the diving lovers is that the depth of the waterproof can reach 1000 feet. The performance of the watch will not be influenced under the water.

This style was designed in 1967 especially for the U. S. navy. The strap utilizes the Navy blue canvas. The most significant characteristic is not the beautiful appearance, but the reliable durability. The style of the color is military. The canva has strong flexibility. They can face many bad situations like rain, wear and delimit sting. The feel is great when you wear it. You can choose this one. This unique design can make you have good feelings even if you wear diving suits.

The special point of this watch is the color. Green is used rarely on watches. The outer case of the watch is green. The exquisite craftsmanship and superior design win warm praise from customers especially the diving lovers. The whole material is stainless steel. The table mirror is blue crystal and the table circle is black. Moreover, this watch is waterproof, shockproof and dustproof. The depth of waterproof can reach 1000 feet.

All these Rolex submariner watches are popular. They are the symbol of excellent waterproof properties.

Rolex Day Date and Day-Date II

Rolex watch always adheres to strive for excellence and emphasize on the comfort for whoever wears a Rolex timepiece. The Day-Date is one of its splendid inventions and shorted as DD. Launched in 1956, it is regarded as the first watch to show the date and day on the dial. Then it nicknamed as “president”, because the Rolex Corporation uses this name in honor of the re-election of President Dwight D. Eisenhower. Since then, the Day-Date is favored by many other presidents over years so that it even advertises like “Men who guide the destinies of the world wear Rolex watches.” For different countries’ influential people, it is available for 26 different languages. It is made of carefully selected raw materials and combines the technical innovation with tradition. It has a 36 mm size.

Compared with Day-Date, the Day-Date II enhances the legacy of the original one. Launched in 2008, the Day-Date II could show the day and date on the dial in wider choice of languages. What’s more, it is larger than the Day-Date, at more commanding 41 mm size and only presented in platinum or 18 ct gold. It is the enhancing version and a natural evolution of the Day-Date. The Day-Date II could performs better than the Day-date and provide the influential people with more convenience. Anyway, to some extent, this version could better establish Rolex’s quest for excellence, innovation and success. I think the Day-Date II watch more suitable for those pursuing of achievement, self-value and classic elegance. It is definitely majestic.