For men, the watch was like women’s jewelry, never too many. Man’s adornment is quite limited, besides machine-made suit, shirt, sweater and jeans, watch is a small, can show oneself personality is one of the ornaments. High-grade man watches, men will treat as it is an expensive piece of ornaments, and more expensive watches, savour the thick, often with watch itself design without much relationship.

Man watch brand spend many eyes disorderly, have the movement type, fashion kind, recreational type, and so on. Table market research report, in addition to the popular electronic quartz movement outside, also equipped with mechanical stopwatch paragraph, and a mechanical stopwatch is many new generation men love table reason.

Now, let I will introduce you the famous men dote on watch brand!

Longines , the original translation L3.632.4.58.6
Man watch for: along the Banks of the meaning. Begs the associate to water Venice holiday amorous feelings. In a square with round classic is-the shows in fashion XiuXianFeng, lang gerben series of smooth refreshing, comfortable calm idiosyncratic young generation is the perfect interpretation. In order to perfect show elegant, sports, leisure new tide, longines has table special bold use 1933 ART DECO style of ART of original watches for inspiration, reintegrate into contemporary agile modern movement style to throw light surface material, fluent and agile line clever will “square in take circle” design of new interpretations, create bright eye elegant fashion model.

Collection Edition Rolex Oyster Type Motion
1945 reappearance of archival edition rolex oyster type motion log type is the first with calendar of display function wrist watch. Special fenestella convex, make calendar displays at a glance. Strap middle embedded 18K gold, and creating olacms edition rolex strap when perfusion originality. Watch the meticulous burnish, margin entire arranges slippery have send, cooperate with the newly designed discount, not only let opening-closing easier, more to fine-tune, make wearing double comfortable. For creating wrist watch enclosure, collection edition rolex selects the unique 904L stainless steel, with rolex selection of other precious metals, cooperate with meticulous care.

Chanel Luxurious Classic Wrist Watch         
Is this paragraph CHANEL/CHANEL luxurious classic wrist, watch circle prevent scratch, good performance with double seal of BiaoGuan, with timing and screwed type, waterproof, shock-resistant and anti-magnetic function, atlas, strap, clasp have CHANEL/CHANEL sign, can make in your daily wear of keep the beautiful and dazzing, often with ever new, The overall design luxurious atmosphere, nobility is elegant, concise and comfortable, very suitable for the pursuit of quality of men and women wear. Modern society is successful personage status symbol.