Replica bell and ross are characterized by a square military face reminiscent of a plane’s dashboard. The brand is popular for integration of vintage designs and high legibility. There Bell & Ross 123 Original carbon with a high level of readability. It has a case that measures 4mm with a matte black carbon with anti glare. The minute, hour and hand indexes are in white which beautifully complements the black background of the dial.  The dial can be seen through an ultra curved sapphire clear glass which creates a vintage look. The dial displays the date display which is showcased at the 6 o’clock and the Bell & Ross under the 12 o’clock position.

The position of the logo is expertly placed to reflect straight into your eyes. The 123 Original carbon has a brown calfskin strap and has a buckle strap. The watch is powered by a movement known as ETA Automatic movement. It is water resistant under 100 meters deep and is scratch resistant. The Bell & Ross 126 Original Carbon shares some similarities with the Bell & Ross 123 but is distinguishes by a Chronograph movement. The thirty minutes display is displayed at the nine o’clock and the sixty seconds sub dial is showcased at the three o’clock counter. The watches may be priced at a higher price that is not affordable to most people.

However, if you still wish to experience the elegance and sophistication of the Bell & Ross watches you can opt for the bell & Ross replica. The replicas are made to mirror the genuine counterpart in every little detail from the design to the color. The replica watches are made from high quality materials and the only notable difference is the price. You can get any design and model of the Bell & Ross watches no matter whatever model you settle on.